Answers to The 10 things You Can Ask Me

1.    What was his first name in 1998 ?

Answer: It's actually very comedic that my Birth Name was "Nekchand" Gupta later on my parents changed it and thanks to god that they did now my name is Prateek Gupta.

2.    Who is Deeksha Diwan ?

Answer: She is basically my guardian angel since June of 2018, the only lifeline I have left in the artistic world my lovely editor/business manager/content corporate/deal cracker/excellent idea pitcher to be honest I cannot imagine my work life without her.

3.    How much work has he done on his novel this week ?

Answer: Not much, but I constantly do my morning pages. I have 2 WIP's and wrote for 3 clients this week. so, I am proud of myself.
4.   What is the other career Prateek had before Freelance Content Writing ?

Answer: I was a customer service executive for a bit, then joined a theater group as a playwright but left it because as my parents would suggest "it was coming in the way of my studies" founded a team and then a whole fiasco of separation/leaving took place.
5.   Between being an artist part-time or doing a conventional 9-5 job. Prateek would choose:

Answer: Obviously, being an Part-Time Artist, but right now the times suggest I cannot work for myself so, I am up for a Job that suits my Qualifications.

6.     Thoughts on Marriage ?

Answer: I have written a Whole Journal on it here is the link:

7.     His complete drug history ?

Answer: A Lot of Lexapros, Anti-Anxiety pills, Vitamins for my workouts, Ultracets and general OCD medication. to be clear I don't do drugs ofcourse i have a informative knowledge about drugs but seriously i have never done drugs except medicinal or prescribed drugs.

8.     What is it like being a darkie ?

Answer: I am this dark ugly dude, you know what I'm saying I'm a realist. I see handsome boys its plain and simple I'm no handsome boy. But I got a kind of this uplifted average dark ugly male personality, most importantly regardless of this color i can do whatever the frick i want. Get some brands rolling and go all out that's my style. For me being darker is life, it's the truth, it's what God gave me, it's what i received from my parents

9.     Why does he like moovies so much ?

Answer: Movies for me is calming my mind, I have learnt a lot from movies, I think a lot and simply saying its just that Movies are a wonderful distractions from the real world. In my native language - Ek hi toh shauk hai yaar !!!

10.    Friends, Books or Telescope ?

Answer: In ascending order first BOOKS then FRIENDS and at last TELESCOPE.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

12:02 AM

Delhi, India


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