Hey" it is needless to say this word here, I bet no one expects posts from a person who prefer daydreams over reality. So, actually there is nothing new with me I've been Avoiding boredom and Avoiding accountability. How did I get here? Everything hurts. My mind is foggy as hell. I hate everyone and everything. I need to bite my tongue and save face as best I can. Avoid people.

Next Month I'm off to Mumbai for a few days Drinking lots of water because the trainer said so also I don't want myself to be turning into a Junk Food eating werewolf.

I cleaned my room. Sweating and with drawling and hating myself. Shame and guilt flooding my thoughts. I should finally write that final excerpt for my client Will I ever learn? something is wrong with me. My place is clean now. I still feel stable. I’m gonna read now until I fall asleep. Keep chugging back some water. It’ll be about a week or so before I feel good again. That’s what I get. Atoning for my sins. 

I still remember someone saying "you must be fun at parties". No, I am not.

We need sometimes to make the same mistake a few times until we learn. Regret is not helpful, it will just take a few times, but eventually, we’ll learn our lesson. 

'Someone please Tie my handle bars to stars so I stay on track'

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

10:25 PM

Delhi, India.


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