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Don't be so quick to judge a person, take a chance to know the person before you judge a person and that goes for anybody not just me. Suppose if you hear something really negative about a person, please do not make an opinion right on the spot, there a three sides of every story asses the whole scenario/situation before you make an opinion.

Furthermore being Judgemental leads to negativity because of the obvious reason. In the past, I was all cool with it but in recent months I've learned a lot on how to be reactive in these such situations, being judged all the time is also depressive for oneself and As one who battles depression, I want to tell you that some days are extremely tough and on these days even getting out of bed in the morning can be a major accomplishment.

Storytime: Last Week me and one of my friend went to a Volkswagen Dealership to check out one of their cars, we liked the car but the sales representative there was so, rude like seriously he was judging bot…

Build Up

My documentary skills need some serious build up Epiphany: its not about how good your idea stands it is about how you're presenting the idea among your Audience.The Last Content Documentary i worked on didn't even cleared the beginning stages of documentary making One of the collaborator pointed out the big mistakes I did. He said its Unfocused and I am rushing things too fast.... I kinda agree with him it was really bad but we will work it out and maybe soon it will be out.!.!.!.! Someone DM'ed me saying Dude... You're an Observant.... i laughed and replied "Observant" nope i am not but thanks for the feedback... Observing the Situation i want that feeling.... i am not bitter!.!.!

Anyway Keep Up The Good Work Everyone.

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12:52 am

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What is LIFE ?  its 18 of March today i go to college everyday to take lectures meet my friends and to laugh at my crew in Theatre in short i just like to laugh and have fun.... i take notes of everything happening around me my phone is filled with weird and random notes the only thing which runs in my mind is how i can i improve myself ? i want to STAY CONSISTENT with whatever i am doing not the wrong things though.... i do whatever i want i dont take myself seriously i am emotionally disconnected i want to be a PRO at whatever i am doing.... I Don't know where this post is going or what it's original purpose was but it feels good to be positive again....


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Prateek Gupta

9.31 AM

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We are just living and its so important to have a GOAL because the society says so, & between all this mess on aiming and reaching to your GOAL sometimes you totally forget the process but then again before we reach our 'GOAL' we judge everyone's action and forget that they are also trying to reach a GOAL just like us... but in the end No One Cares about your accomplishments not even your parents... its true !!! I'm not sure about the good and evil theory here... and this was me again giving another weird opinion of mine on something .... wait !! What was it ??? 'GOAL'
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Prateek Gupta \ 12.37 am
Delhi, India