Continuous train of thought that circulated in my mind while i stared at my laptop i was thinking of new ideas for my upcoming projects but couldn't really execute anyone of them because I had something on my mind. I want to talk about heartbreak and how devastated it can be, you know some people are more sensitive than the others its definitely not the millennial problem it has been going on for ages, like Shakespeare is proof that people kill themselves over heartbreak its definitely one of  the most real pain that human heart suffers. And I just wanna say if you’re going through some sort of heartbreak than just keep freaking going ! try keep bettering yourself. You will seem to notice that this person who broke your heart has actually done a lot good for your life in the long run of being in future relationships. I mean you have to understand that you cannot base your happiness on that one person at all, you need to find your happiness inside your heart.

Today when I was writing a piece for an agency I thought about how 2015 was the worst year for me, nothing was going right during that time i didn't had any passions i wasn't sure what to do with myself that was one of the loneliest and negative period of time for me but thanks to inspirational podcasts who were there to support me during that time my motivation came from those podcasts and now fast forward four years later: Work is Beautiful i kind of have an online business i have friends, i have important things to do. I simply love it.

Trust me don't let them intimidate you really they just bluffing !.!.!

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Prateek Gupta

12:13 PM

Delhi, India
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