being darker

I am this dark ugly dude, you know what I'm saying I'm a realist. I see handsome boys its plain and simple I'm no handsome boy. But I got a kind of this uplifted average dark ugly male personality, most importantly regardless of this color i can do whatever the frick i want. Get some brands rolling and go all out that's my style. For me being darker is life, it's the truth, it's what God gave me, it's what i received from my parents and yes, generally people do not like dark skinned individuals in a room it disturbs them. Especially in India.

Indians have a nerve to be the racist, actually Indians are the most racist people on the planet, Indians berate their very own country mates from North East India, well that's a whole other topic. but as a Dark-Skinned guy myself I once conducted a study where i asked random people "why there was a need to remind a dark skinned guy/girl that he/she is dark ??" by passing dark skin slurs at him/her. I mean one doesn't need to be reminded that he/she is a dark skinned individual. The Answers I received were some bigots defending their actions: some of them straight up said, "no, i haven't called anybody by passing dark skin slurs at him/her" which I definitely knew was a LIE ! and some came up with the "its Sarcasm" my dude "Just Kidding" ! so, let me ask you one thing, do you think that the people who you call by these slurs actually likes it and take it as a joke.

No You Dumbo, fuck your jokes these slurs which are jokes  to you can bring some people so down. it is you actually hating someone. So, Why do we hate ??? We Hate because we're taught to hate we hate because we are ignorant we are the product of some ignorant people who taught us ignorant things which states that there are 5 or 6 different races but in reality there are no 5 or 6 different races there is only one race which we are all part of and that is HUMAN RACE. We live in a Country, where fairness creams and lotions sells like hot cakes at a bakery, we live in a country where they need only fair girls to marry their kids, We have seperated people into different races so some of us can call themselves SUPERIOR from others we thought that it could work but you know what it didn't worked at all it has been BAD for Everyone and now in 2019 its time to get over this when you're born there is no Gene in your body such as RACISM in short you're not a Bigot you learn to be a Bigot and Everything you Learn it can be unlearned.

To all my fellow dark skinned people one day our time will come because we have suffered enough.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

11:47 PM

Delhi, India


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