Lockdown #1: Frugality

All my lights are off. Besides my glowing Laptop, it’s nearly pitch black in my humble bedroom. I’m wearing this Bloodshot Tee that I bought in Mumbai. I like this t-shirt because it makes me look like I'm a fan of comic series but seriously telling you that it's a lie I'm a fan of Jason David Frank that's why I wear it. Man, Quarantine is hard, just when i thought that my venture was going good, Coronavirus came for it hard and pushed it further but still here Alive and Kicking I'm that mechanic trucker boy from the wrong side of the tracks. My nose and hands are still cold though. It’s much quieter in my Area. I actually like it, for once people are following the Lockdown which is a good thing, and this silence living far away from any busy streets. hmm, Good.

Saving the Money and living with Frugality is the new cool now. I’m awake and the world might be asleep now at 12:40 am. It’s so quiet that I can hear the ringing in my ears. It reminds me of all the havoc I’ve put them and my body through for the last three years working as a Media Freelancer. You know what I'm talking about all those angry/never satisfied less paying clients.

again absolutely No Regrets, Yolo.

Step away from the illusions/delusions and head towards truth.

Stay Safe Stay Home

Losing all hope was Freedom.

Ok, that’s enough for now.

Thanks for reading

Prateek Gupta

12:45 AM


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