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“The first draft of anything is shit.” - Ernest Hemingway

To me, the reason I have trouble sitting down and writing is because I have nothing to write about. I'm forcing myself, i should just live life and write when I want to. When it comes naturally. I'm just a human being.

Fucking true facts right here. the daily sequence of events is spot on. Endless circles of “but this first…” Depression is just this phase everyone goes through in life, either short or long, severe or mild, and can be a result of many different things, circumstances, brain chemistry, nature, nurture, negative thoughts, diet, drug abuse, etc. and can usually be treated with clean living (exercise, diet, sleep) and cognitive behavioral therapy (fancy term for attitude adjustment) and/or medications, as well as a healthy balance of work (that you’re preferably proud of and at least don’t hate), family, and friends.

Wow I should write a textbook or something. That is if I did write regularly. What’s it been, oh wow November 1st, and damn I left on a shitty post. Oh well. That was that, and this is this.

I’m in a good place right now. It’s safe to say that on low and behold, I’m blessed as can be, clients are actually liking my stuff which I write on contracts for them.

Also, I took a break from Ghost Writing. I haven’t put out a journal in a month or so, not consistently anyway, and I left it off with  “Dear Mumbai" man, I hate myself or just my procrastination is being a bitch.

I keep saying I’m writing a book and stuff but I’ve only written little bits and pieces of a chapter here and another chapter there. Little notes in my phone. I haven’t really muscled through anything yet. I’m so terrified of writing, I can’t do it if I know it sucks and every time I do it, it’s just there in front of me, sucking, and it’s painful, so I stop. I’ll avoid it and do something else. But then it nags at me and I know I want to do it but I can’t, it’s very subtle. I’ll watch a movie in my apartment and it’s just there in the back of my head, nagging me. Write, Prateek write. Fucking just do it. Then I’ll make a little progress by turning off the TV and at least picking up a book, but I’m still avoiding it. Then I’ll get tired and take a nap. I’ll wake up and see what's good on Prime to watch. Time is actually very easy to waste. Anyway need to make some serious changes from year 2020.

Happy New Year to the Humanity around the world.

See You Next Year !.!.!.!

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

8:03 PM

Vasant Kunj, Delhi


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