Who was that Girl ???

I haven’t had any reason to write in a while. I’m in this weird, content state of indifference. Stable. A down-to-earth, “dumb” state of ‘happiness’. I don’t really have anything to complain about. Passion? I’m not passionate anymore. What’s fucked up is that I don’t care that I’m not passionate anymore. Maybe I was never passionate in the first place. Maybe all these years my pretentiousness & ego got the best of me and blinded me from what I really am: a Business Guy I mean i don't have a fancy list of accomplishments but i have done some things. Sometimes my pompous, irrational ego gets the best of me and I think of myself as this suffering artist with all this passion. Its like everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face right !? 

Also, I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and have a completely new, perspective on all of this passion thing.

Now coming onto the title of the post I have a lot of extra aimless and senseless material which is of no use, i will be throwing all of that here from now on. because why not ?! 

Who was that Girl ???

I was falling in love as she walked on by
That would be the moment I want locked inside my mind
Should’ve took her picture or should’ve said her Hello !
So that I could have had a memory to show
Who was that Girl ?
I’ve got three words I would like to say
She is the one that I let getaway
Who was that Girl ??
Maybe we will meet again someway or somehow 
Where I'll try to catch up with her
Who was that Girl ???
I’ve got three words I would like to say
She is the one that I let getaway !.!.!

Because You Think It Rules.

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Prateek Gupta

12:17 AM

Delhi, India.
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