Social Lubrication and Anger Management

Social lubricant. It’s not possible to have an awkward moment when you're with me, not even after this ultimate question.

“Like what the fuck is going on!?” a straight depressive face at a Clubbing Event in Colaba, Mumbai.

duderino ! can't stop it. I was born with it. obviously the sane one understood it the second I told them but some people just like to be a little judgy but can't do anything to stop them too. One of my most endearing traits is that I think to an ultimate extent. I mean if you're with me you'll always see my weird fingers doing something, yeah, its that Anxious Lubrication happening to my body at all times.

About Anger Management: I realize that anger is a natural emotion that we can’t always control feeling but we certainly have the power to choose how we are going to respond to that anger. If we scream, holler, stomp our feet and throw a good old fashioned temper tantrum what are we gonna solve besides dragging everyone else down with us? Is that fair? Yes, I also realize that we'll have the right to be angry and I don’t have a clue what you are going through, nor can I understand without experiencing it myself.

What if we decided to try something new? What if we decided to use our anger to power positive changes in our lives or the people around us? What if we got so angry that we walked away from the computer and started walking or exploring nature? What if we stayed out there until we felt peace again?  What if we decided to make a difference?

All these things are very hard to achieve, but its like who said Life would be easy for us, absolutely Nobody. So, today via this journal I take pledge that I will try to take things as a cooler & calmer person.

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11:17 PM

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