Lockdown #2: Discipline

Welcome to Prateek's Lockdown Diary again, how are you guys doing ???

The longer you go without working out, the less tone you get, the more weight you gain, the less likely you’ll ever start working out again. The longer you go without posting a journal, the more anxious you get about posting one, the less likely you’ll start posting again. Same paradox.


woke up on the sofa. The TV’s on. because last night out of sheer boredom I started watching "The Vanishing of Sidney Hall" at an odd hour but let me tell you its a great movie ! It’s 5am. You turn the TV off and you sit there. You feel a little groggy, No bread and No sugar. did the same old breakfast and watched some News again about this demon Coronavirus. Took a shower. Clean up the room. helped my mother doing the laundry.

Talked to my Life in Mumbai and she gave me few other things to think about, so I'd get my mind of this Pandemic because i just couldn't stop talking about this Covid-19 She said "It’s just the motion of the universe. Over-analyzing it won’t get you anywhere. That kind of thinking will put you back down the rabbit hole."

Maybe I’ll stick to it this time Sit down on a chair and wait. Wait until it is over. Till Then write. Edit. Pray. In Lockdown Everyday will be cheat day. Then I will definitely be trying to go back to structure. Discipline. Self-control.and Self-awareness.

We will soon be Right back to latency; it will be perplexing.

Stay Safe Stay Home

Thanks For Reading

10:43 PM


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