Hey There ! 2019 you came. Its true we've come a long way by the way How's Everyone ??? please do tell me how you all are on the instagram (@prattg63) my dm's are open for anybody who wants to talk about anything they want. Well, for me The Mumps canceled every plan I had to celebrate new year. For a whole week, My face was looking like Thanos(from Infinity War) face with a weird allergy to my jawline. Now, its totally fine but for that whole week i was so horrified of myself  like what the hell has happened to my face, till i researched  about it on google, atlast that was a good relief because my doctor was not even telling what it was. I get it, i should change my doctor but another reason why i was so afraid of it because i thought its a bad case of my OCD Medication reaction. It has never happened to me but I've heard that its the most probable case so, for that reason first time in 7 months Lexapro and Zoloft are on the shelves umm I've decided not to take them for a bit. Lessons Learned.

So, the other thing that i want to talk about is Why spending time alone is still a bane ??? I like doing things alone. for instance recently, i told an acquaintance from work that I am going to have Dinner alone he glanced at me like i told him that i was going to indulge in a sacrifice to the devil. He then processed to tell me that he is there if i need company or something. First of all I said thank you to him and then i replied No man I'm completely alright, it just that i like going places alone so, that i can have the wholesome experience of things and by this i don't mean that i do not like company of other people while going to  places. I think the problem here is that spending time alone is considered socially unacceptable, and i bet that some people will agree with me on this it is understandable that over the centuries, we have accepted that human is a social animal and we need people around us all the time for love and support.

But still i completely disagree on how spending time alone is perceived to be negative. To Clarify this whole stigma i only have one thing to say that I find spending time by myself is the best thing, its in this time that i learn to enjoy my own company and my own thoughts to make the strategy for my future. Trust me ! it really helps you taking the things one step at a time.

I'm also rewriting the manuscript cause its long overdue.

Thanks For Reading

Prateek Gupta

12:14 AM

Delhi, India.


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